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Show & Tell Dates

Show and Tell Dates

Thursday 13th February Something related to the Valentine's Day

Friday 21st February - Two opposites

Monday 24th February - A rhyming sentence

Tuesday 3rd March - Your Full Name

Wednesday 11th March A festival or event which is close to your Birthday

Thursday 19th March A photo of you and your mum (Mother's Day)

Friday 27th March An animal that begins with the first letter of your name

Monday 30th March Something related to the April Fools' Day

Tuesday 7th April A picture of my home country

Wednesday 15th April ILD observation "How I celebrate Easter at home"

Thursday 23rd April - Your favourite story

Friday 1st May Something yellow

Monday 4th May Free choice

Tuesday 12th May Your favourite letter

Wednesday 20th May Your favourite number

Thursday 28th May - Something that makes us healthy

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