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Term 2 Newsletter

Term 2 Newsletter – December 2019  

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to all of our new families who have joined us since the last newsletter. We hope you are all settling in well.


We have had two new staff join us since our last newsletter.

Nicoleta joined our 0-2 room team at the beginning of October and has previously studied childcare at college. She works full days from Monday to Thursday. Nicoletta has quickly become a fantastic member of the 0-2 room team and is already forming fantastic bonds with the children.

Tamzin has joined our 2-3 room team, having previously worked at another private nursery in Aberdeen. She works Tuesday to Friday from 7.30am to 6.00pm. Tamzin worked as a relief staff member at her previous nursery so has experience of working with all ages.

Monika started in our 0-2 room on the 25th November. Monika has joined us on a part time basis and we welcome her to the team. She works full days on a Monday and Friday.

Staff Training

The staff at Victoria street are continuing with their CACHE (Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education) Level 2 in Autism through North East of Scotland College. All of the staff doing the course have chosen to do so in their own time. The feedback has been very positive and they have passed on what they have learnt.

Laura has successfully completed her (SVQ) level 3 Social Services (Children and young People) and is now a fully qualified Nursery Nurse. Well done Laura!

Niamh and Louise are continuing the Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) level 3 Social Services (Children and Young People). Both girls have had Cairn training to observe them at nursery over the past few weeks for their practical assessments.

Erika and Lily are both continuing with their Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) level 3 Social Services (Children and Young People). Both girls are currently studying Child Development.

Collectively as a team this term we have been looking into our risk assessments in more depth. At our termly staff meetings we continue go over our risk assessments, and alongside the policy quiz of the term, staff will also now have a quiz on focused termly risk assessments which we will select.


We are continuing to support The Friends of the Neo Natal Unit (http://www.specialnursery.org/ ), a charity of Aberdeen Maternity Hospital’s neo-natal unit for sick and premature babies in the Grampian region, as well as the islands of Orkney and Shetland.

This term the pre-school and 2-3 room children took part in a 2 mile sponsored walk from the nursery to the Castle gate and back. We did the walk in two groups, and as well as generous donations from sponsor forms, many passers-by were curious as to what the children were doing and made donations themselves. This helped us raise a massive £333.75!

We have continued to do our monthly ‘dress down’ days which the staff pay £2 a time for.

We have our annual charity Christmas Fayre on Saturday 30th November, which has always been very successful and lots of fun for the whole family. Tickets are priced at £5 per family and include a visit to Santa’s grotto.

Staff are also organising a breakfast roll morning for which forms have been handed out. This will take place on Wednesday 11th December, so please have your orders back to us by Friday the 6th  of December.

Policies of the term

Policies of the term are:

Policy 8 – Dealing with challenging behaviours

Policy 9 – Child exclusion policy for behavioural issues

Policy 10 – Child Protection  

These policies are displayed on the notice board in the front hall for parents and in the staff room for staff.

Risk assessments of the term

Risk assessments of the term are;

  • Doors to all rooms
  • Building security
  • Electric/fan heaters

Development Plans

Having successfully completed the 2018/19’s Development plan, we have come together as a team and discussed what we feel would benefit both the nursery and the staff whilst developing our 2019/20’s Development plan.

The two areas chosen to focus on are;

Plan 1 – Catering for individual needs

The specific actions we will focus on are;

Continue to develop health and wellbeing information recorded on the ILD.

Develop how much input children have to their own ILD’s

Ask the children to participate more in general evaluation, including activities, foods and wants and needs.

Plan 2 – Personalised support

The specific actions we will focus on are;

Develop improved use of chronologies through a greater understanding of the definition and purpose of a chronology.

All aspects of the plans are designed to continue to develop, ensuring a high level of a quality service is maintained for all our families within the nursery. The development plans can be found on the stair landing.


Summers Nurseries are now signed up to receive Tax Free Childcare Vouchers, so when looking, please select Summers Nursery at Victoria Street as provider.

www.childcarechoices.gov.uk  www.childcarevouchers.co.uk/Documents/CCV_whatshappening_2017.pdf

Sibling Spaces

We are delighted to see a big boost of little sisters and brothers being born at the moment. Could I just remind everyone that we have limited spaces available in the 0-2 room and therefore if you are planning on putting your baby here, a deposit must be paid in advance to secure the place. You should contact the nursery as soon as possible to book the space as we already have new bookings as far as December 2020.

Trips/ Visits

This term we have Angela from Abricabeats visiting on a Tuesday at 12.30pm. The children are really enjoying taking part in her class which is vibrant and enthusiastic, and really ignites the children’s creativity, confidence and self-esteem. We alternate the sessions Angela attends each term to ensure all our children in the 3-5 room get a chance to experience the dance and drama she has on offer.

Our regular visits to the care home and the wee green space have continued. The children enjoy the company of the residents at the home, enjoying games, stories and arts. The wee green space allows children to identify risks and show increased imagination and creativity. The children also take a monthly visit to the library where they spend time choosing books to take back to the nursery.

The 3-5 room enjoyed a fantastic visit to Hoodles playbarn on Tuesday the 29th of October. The soft play centre offered the children many opportunities for physical development and problem solving, as well as encouraging interaction and team building. The large slides were definitely a favourite, and the staff even got a turn!

With Christmas approaching, the 3-5 room have two trips planned. The pre-school children will attend the pantomime to see Cinderella on Thursday 12th December, whilst the ante pre-schoolers will take a walk to the Bon Accord centre to visit Santa’s Grotto on Tuesday 17th December for children who attend that day. Santa has very kindly offered to close his Grotto to the public whilst we are there so the children will have the whole experience to themselves.

The 2-3 room are planning a trip to Play town in Inverurie for children at nursery on Friday 6th December. Playtown is a fantastic role play centre, with many opportunities for real life and imaginary play. We have visited previously with our St Swithin Street 2-3 room and it was very popular.

Although our 0-2 room do not have planned trips, the children get out for regular walks around the local community. We are really looking forward to getting out to see the Christmas lights on Union street and for a walk through the Christmas markets. This offers a variety of sensory experiences for the children of all ages and stages of development.

Learning Experiences

As always, it has been a busy term with topics, including Autumn, Halloween and Bonfire night. We celebrated in each room with a party and the children all looked fantastic in their costumes!

0-2 room

Schemas have become a big focus in the 0-2 room this term. As a team, the 0-2 staff have been researching different types of schemas and how these integrate into the children’s play. The staff have become aware of how it has changed the way they look at children’s play and why they do what they are doing. We are all starting to include these schemas in the children’s observations, which hopefully gives you a better understanding of them.

The children have taken part in activities relating to their autumn topic. They developed their palm/pincer grasp and control over their fine movements with the use of sponges and paintbrushes to decorate autumn hats, as well as scarves and leaves for the autumn display board. Staff have taken children for many walks where they have been able to see the changes in the trees and the sensory experience of the variety of different coloured leaves.

Sensory play is always a popular activity in the 0-2 room and the staff take time through observation and communication with the children to adapt these activities to suit all. This includes providing a variety of both dry and wet materials to explore, and making sure there are utensils to use for the children who are not keen on exploring with their hands. Some of the materials the children have explored this term are shaving foam, playdough, jelly and gloop. The staff also provided a ‘treasure dip,’ where the children had to search through shredded paper to find hidden objects, and the sensory baskets provided by staff allow for a variety of different textures to be explored at once.

The children have had the opportunity to develop their gross motor skills, coordination and balance through the use of the physical equipment, both indoors and out. In the room, the children have made use of the elephant slide, which promotes turn taking, and the large soft blocks. As well as being excellent for gross motor skills, the soft blocks promote social skills and imagination as the children work together to build tunnels and turn some of the blocks upside down to make a see-saw.

Halloween has provided many opportunities for new experiences, with particular fun with the pumpkin and what comes out of it. The children helped to scoop out the insides of the pumpkin, which were then used for messy play, and the pumpkin was then carved into a 0-2 room favourite! – ‘Chase’ from paw patrol! There have been many arts and craft activities to create spooky animals, including bats and spiders, and Halloween sticker pictures. During these activities we observed the enclosing schema, with children placing stickers over one another and mark making over what they had already drawn.

We celebrated our home culture this month with St Andrews day, where the children created thistles with their handprints and Scotland flags using brushes and paint.

2-3 room

This term the 2-3 room have been focusing on Autumn. The staff have discussed with the children the change in the season. The children were able to tell staff that the “leaves fall off the tree”, “the leaves change colour” and “the weather is not nice”. Doing these mind maps with the children about topics allow children the opportunity to share their knowledge and build their confidence in group speaking. The children used leaves they had collected to paint and print onto paper, and used their fingers to create finger paint trees.

The mark making topic that the children focused on gave the opportunity for fine motor skills development and development of control over their movements. The children used stencils to draw around, promoting concentration and focus on what they were doing. The staff also provided the children with a tray of flour in which they used their fingers to mark make. This activity makes the mark making new and exciting for the children, and different to the usual experience.

The fine motor skills were further developed by practicing scissors skills. The children are encouraged to independently snip a piece of paper and then progress to cutting in a straight line, with finally cutting around shapes. We were very impressed with the skill and concentration the children have shown whilst doing this. Children also enjoyed threading, where we adapt each activity to suit each child depending on their level of development, providing large holed beads down to smaller more intricate beads for those who have mastered the previous.

The children took part in many Halloween related activities, including apple printing with orange paint to make pumpkins, using their feet to make witches and ghosts, and handprints to make spiders. The children also made skeletons using cotton buds, which started a discussion about different bones in the body. It’s always fascinating to listen to the discussion between children and staff, and where a child’s train of thought takes them.

A topic about People who help us allowed the children to demonstrate their knowledge. The children were able to tell staff, “You call 999,” “They help in the nee-naw” and “They put out a fire with a hose and water.” During this topic, the children used a cardboard box to create a fire-engine using red paint. Along with costumes, this created a fantastic role play experience for the children where they could discuss what they already know and use their imagination to create scenarios.

3-5 room

This term the 3-5 room have focused on shape recognition through spontaneous and planned activities. The staff cut shapes, putting them into recycled shoe boxes and the children found objects of corresponding shapes from around the room to put into the matching box. This made the learning experience fun and exciting for the children whilst developing their knowledge.

We received a postcard from the Lake District from one of the children, which started a discussion on what kind of information you would put onto a postcard. The children began to tell staff where they lived and some even knew their full address. From this, the children created their own postcards and added their addresses. During discussions, the children were able to tell us, “an address is where you live”, “you put the post card in the post box,” “you can get post cards from the post office” and “you always need a postcode.”

In order to promote health and hygiene within the 3-5 room, the children cut their own fruit for snack on a daily basis and make their own pizza and sandwiches and lunch. Through this, the children develop their fine motor skills and safety awareness whilst cutting, as well as learning the importance of handwashing and hygiene whilst handling the food. It gives the children a great sense of pride and achievement to know they have helped prepare their own snack and lunch.

Transport was a very popular topic in the 3-5 room this term, with many different types looked at. The children and staff used books, online videos, model making and resources from within the nursery to discuss different types of transport, what they did and what they were used for. These included, tractors, helicopters, submarines, cars and bicycles. As well as learning about the transport, the children learn valuable skills in researching and where to find information.

The pre-school children were very knowledgeable about Halloween and were able to tell us facts, as well as stories about their own experiences, including dressing up and going out “trick or treating” when it is dark.” These discussions led to many activities, a favourite being, “scooping out of pumpkins”. The children worked together with one child holding the pumpkin, whilst the other scooped - it was “quite hard work!” We also heard some great trick or treating jokes, including, “why did the banana go to the doctor? – because he wasn’t peeling good!”   

The staff have been developing the 3-5 room House Corner to contain more real life and natural items to promote open ended play and ignite their imagination. Lynette has been putting up empty food boxes and milk bottles into the room, and the staff have added more pots/pans, cups and plates. This has really changed how the children use the role play area. In the first day that the staff made these changes, the children demonstrated their imagination by pretending they were in a café and serving each other. The role play continued with a hair salon. The children were provided with a pretend hairdryer and brush, which led to pretending to do each other’s make up, so makeup brushes were bought to promote this and these continue to be popular on a daily basis.

There are floor books in all the rooms that detail projects covered, and all parents are welcome to view at any time.

Kind regards

Kirsty Watson

Nursery Manager

01224 628862


As a result of our questionnaire, the majority of parents preferred to receive the newsletter by e mail. Please remember if you require a hard copy of this newsletter it can be found in the hall way. If there are none left, please speak to myself so we can organise a copy to be printed, thank you.

Dates for Diary

  • 30th November - Christmas Fayre
  • 6th December – 2-3 room trip to Playtown
  • 11th December - Breakfast roll morning
  • 12th December – Pantomine to see Cinderella for pre-school
  • 17th December – Ante pre-school trip to Santa’s Grotto at Bon Accord
  • 18th December – Nativity
  • 19th December – Christmas lunch for staff and children
  • 20th December – Christmas party.

The nursery will close at 6pm on Friday 20th December 2019 and re-open at 7.30am on Monday 6th January 2020.


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